Digital Theodolite: For Accurate Measurement & Precision Engineering Application

In the engineering, the measurement plays a crucial role. Most of the analysis related to various industrial terms is performed in terms of mathematics. We all agree with one thing that mathematics plays a crucial role in the development of industrial applications. Thus, we can say that measurement and instrumentation is an integral part of the engineering project.

One such measuring instrument that is widely used in several industrial applications is the Digital Theodolite. It is a measuring instrument that is used in surveying applications. It is used to measure angles in the horizontal as well as in the vertical plane. The measurement of angles is widely used in tracking the projection or the path of the projectile. There are several applications in which this measurement is used. Some of the most popular are astronomy, rocket launch, meteorology and several others.

This instrument comprises of three main assemblies. These are telescope, display devices and compass. These components of this device help in measuring the angles in the horizontal as well as in the vertical plane. In this instrument, the arms are provided in the assembly. One arm is kept fixed while the other is rotated. This rotary arm is used to calculate the angle of the plane.

There are basically the two types of Digital Theodolite available in the market. One is the digital and the other is the non-digital. In the, digital one, the digital display is provided. These instruments are considered as highly precise as these are based on the advanced technology. These provide result in the highly accurate form. The non-digital devices are basically the analog devices. In this, no exact figures are obtained after measurement.

The Digital Theodolite manufacturers are offering their instruments in varied specifications in order to meet the diverse requirements of the buyers. The main range of these products comprises of digital and analog devices. In every industrial application, highly accurate measurement is required. So, the manufacturers are using precision engineering, while developing their products. They equip their products with advanced technology in order to make highly precise measurement.

This equipment is widely used in several applications. Some of the most popular applications are discussed below.

Navigation: With the help of the vertical and horizontal angles, the position is calculated. It helps in the navigation in the sea as well as in the air.

Rocket Launch: The projected path of the rocket is set with the help of this device. As it provides information on the angles, it is widely used in the rocket launch application.

Architecture: In the construction and architectural designing, these are widely used.

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